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It's that time of the year again...!!!

The past few weeks have been nothing but filled with schoolwork! It's been crazy insane but one more week and it is time for the Christmas Break!!! :D

Speaking of Christmas, here's my wish list this year!

1. WD External Hard Drive(500gb) - My mom's finally giving me her Macbook and so, to compliment that, I really want an external hard drive for the numerous downloads that I shall be catching up on! :D

2. Havaianas - I've been going on and on about Havaianas so much lately. I am so drawn to them right now and it's driving me insaaaane! I just want at least one of these... And they're from the 2010 collection!

3. Harajuku Lovers Bag - Jackie and I were just talking a while ago at Rustan's and when we saw this, we both squealed! They are adorable but we hate the ridiculously high prices! :/

4. ARASHI 10th Year Anniversary Concert DVD - Technically, this isn't even out yet so, I'm wishing for funding, which is money. Harhar.

5. JUN! - This is of course, WISHful thinking... It's on my list every year! :D Wouldn't it be great to actually see him like this sitting next to your Christmas tree, though? Heehee. *HEARTS*

6. Laptop Bag - My mother's old laptop bag is so... old and boring! I want a funky new one! :D

7. Technomarine Watch - I've been wanting my own watch since I got my first one when I was like, what, 16...???

I cannot wait for Christmas! It's like what, 16 more days? :D
✖ jun; everything. {do not take.}

previously on...

Let's just say it's my second week of starting school for the second semester and I'm dying from the requirements already. Haha. And we all know it's cause I'm so sucky at time management. I'm trying to improve. SRSLY.

It's been an awesome week, though. Last Saturday, we had a girls night-out and that was a total blast. I didn't have classes yesterday so, I got to spend loads of time with my cousins that flew in from Sri Lanka. This coming Monday, I won't have classes again and we're going to Tagaytay! I wanna go swimming even if I know I'm gonna freeze to death there. Hahaha.

Excited for some upcoming events in my life! :D
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it's finally the weekend, love.


For some unknown reason, it feels like the weekend didn't arrive as fast as it should've. Hahaha. I've been spending all my free time downloading videos for my Ipod. I think I've spammed the moderators' emails because of my comments for every video that I download. :D

I've wasted two corporate outfits this week cause apparently, business attire isn't required in my course unlike in IMC. Harhar.

I haven't decided on my wish list but I have a few items in mind... Hahaha.

Nachi said my FOB and header don't show up in my journal but it always shows up when I load it... How odd...
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study now, play later.

School started yesterday. I thought that 3 hours of Foreign Language would be long in the morning but it felt like it was shorter than when we had it in the afternoon. Hahaha. Preparations for JLPT have started! Our prof is reviewing us until the fated day comes and I am pretty excited! I really want to pass!!! :D

School today was kind of a bore, though. I had only one subject, from 7:30-9am, and the prof did not show up. :/ It was a freecut and I was free to go. It was a waste, though! I'm still checking if my other subject can be dropped because I already took it before and I'm hoping it gets credited now.

Tomorrow, class starts at 4:30 and then ends at 6pm. It's just one class once again. I have a really awful schedule!

In other notes...

NICOLE WON ANTM!!! Girl, I knew you would win! You were so fierce from the beginning, yo! Congratulations! :D
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fun's over for now.

School starts tomorrow for me... I don't know if I should be excited or not.

I'm looking forward to the good things but it can't always be just about the good stuff. I have more units this semester so, definitely, more work...

I'm trying to finish up on downloads for now because I know that I'm gonna be sooooo busy this coming semester, I might not be able to download or update as much...

The bright side is that after a month, it's the Christmas break so... I only have to survive for a month for now... Hahaha.

My wish list will be up soon!!! I want so many things, as usual. :D

In other news, ANTM Cycle 13 Finale tomorrow! NIcole Fox FTW!!!
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exercise keeps you healthy.

I went to my sister's HS fair today at Miriam College. I had to go cause we were gonna buy her a phone afterwards and she needed someone to go with her. Anyway, their fair was okay. I think lots of elements were missing so, it wasn't as exciting as I hoped it would be.

We ended up watching Paranormal Activity with one of her friends. The movie was okay. Kinda draggy, in my opinion. It's only scary when you let it get to you. I didn't find it entirely scary. I just thought that it didn't have that much build-up cause most of the scary moments happened at night in the bedroom. I think that's the point of the whole movie though. They used a familiar setting that everyone can relate to and therefore, will get scared.

After that, we left and had a walking marathon to get to SM Marikina. We walked from Miriam College to Shakey's at Katipunan. It wasn't the nicest walk because you could smell all sorts of scents and you had to be careful cause all sorts of things littered the "sidewalks". Pots had her first LRT ride to Santolan station from the Katipunan station and then we walked some more to get to the mall. Sad thing was that she didn't find any phone that she liked. Good thing was that we ate at Starbucks. Hahaha. (Btw, I got two stickers for you, Nachi!)

I got so tired that I fell asleep as soon as we got home! It was one hell of a day, that's for sure.
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out with the old, in with the new.

I've decided to change some things in my layout just because...

Resources have been updated with the changes but just to make sure, here they are:

Header, profile and FOB pictures are from vodianovafans and the coloring I used is from unfinishedcoke. I tweaked it a bit to fit my images. They have some awesome tutorials there. :)

Codes are from milou_veronica and snubbly.

This one features my favorite model, Natalia Vodianova, with her equally gorgeous family. I've also decided to change the mood theme to fit the "look" of the journal... This one was made by celtichymn. :)
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that's what happens when you just let Him do the work.


I am free from the worries and hassles of enlisting subjects and paying for my tuition fee! It's a huge relief because others still have to go on Saturday for their on-campus enlistment and that is going to be one messy event. My schedule's not exactly the best one but I'm happy with it and I got additional units! HURRAY. I needed extra units and I got them! I'm a senior again. Hahaha. With deficiencies. Hahaha. LOLS. At least my load next year would be somewhat lighter! Thank God for that! It's also a plus that everyone in the Management department is very nice and very much accommodating. :D

Lately, I've been having this craving for some NinoxMao and I wanted to download Tengoku no Kimi ni Aetara but the amount of files (35) that I had to download is making me not want to download it. Plus, Nachi said there was only a little amount of NinoxMao screen time anyway... but I still wanna see it! Those two look so good together! I bet they'd make pretty babies. LOLS.

Speaking of dramas, all the guys are gonna be in a drama this coming spring! WOOHOO. Totally looking forward to that! :D

Looks like next year is already going to be an exciting year! Haha.