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I really like Tumblr. Everything there is so much easier. The blogging, the posting pictures, etc. It's so much easier to post there compared to other blogs, in my opinion. Plus, the founder is a total cutie. (If you haven't seen him, you should! LOL.) But the thing is, I think that's the same problem about Tumblr: Everything's too easy. It's easier to take something that isn't yours and post it like it is.

The first semester of the school year took a HUGE toll on me and I didn't really get to pay attention to what's been going on with my posts there. I think my followers know this perfectly because I haven't even been posting at all. Today, I got the time to look through my posts and I got a huge surprise. I stopped keeping track for awhile and this is what happens?

How hard is it to credit someone? Tumblr already does that for you and yet, you have to go and take it away? Why? I'm not even asking for people to credit the picture. I'm asking them to credit for the editing I did on the picture. I know I don't own it, but I own the editing I did on it. What's wrong with claiming that? If it's illegal, then that's my problem and not yours.

I don't want to come off as some bigheaded person who thinks so highly of herself and what she does but all I'm asking for is a credit. I know my work is not as good as the ones out there who make really amazing things but I still put a lot of time and effort in the editing I do.

I give credit to whoever asks to be credited and wherever else it is due. I hope you will too.

/End of Rant. I just wanted to vent out and I can't really do it properly in the said place because I don't want any wank, whatsoever.
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