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Break time.

It's the sembreak and we all know what that means. I haven't been active here lately because writing has taken a backseat in my life, which is really sad. At the beginning of the sembreak, I told myself that I would at least one story and finish it. Unfortunately, I haven't even started on it. I also planned on exercising this sembreak because I've gained some serious weight and it does not look pretty. I do not need the extra weight. I wait for the day when that begins as well. :P

I've been doing so many things for school the past few months that whenever I am given the chance to take a break and do nothing, I panic and feel like, I'm supposed to be doing something. It's an awful feeling but I've gotten past it since, there's really nothing to do for this sembreak. Although, the Christmas break will be an entirely different story, I bet.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm planning on doing my wish list already. Hahaha. :P
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