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The Longer One

I really like Tumblr. Everything there is so much easier. The blogging, the posting pictures, etc. It's so much easier to post there compared to other blogs, in my opinion. Plus, the founder is a total cutie. (If you haven't seen him, you should! LOL.) But the thing is, I think that's the same problem about Tumblr: Everything's too easy. It's easier to take something that isn't yours and post it like it is.

The first semester of the school year took a HUGE toll on me and I didn't really get to pay attention to what's been going on with my posts there. I think my followers know this perfectly because I haven't even been posting at all. Today, I got the time to look through my posts and I got a huge surprise. I stopped keeping track for awhile and this is what happens?

How hard is it to credit someone? Tumblr already does that for you and yet, you have to go and take it away? Why? I'm not even asking for people to credit the picture. I'm asking them to credit for the editing I did on the picture. I know I don't own it, but I own the editing I did on it. What's wrong with claiming that? If it's illegal, then that's my problem and not yours.

I don't want to come off as some bigheaded person who thinks so highly of herself and what she does but all I'm asking for is a credit. I know my work is not as good as the ones out there who make really amazing things but I still put a lot of time and effort in the editing I do.

I give credit to whoever asks to be credited and wherever else it is due. I hope you will too.

/End of Rant. I just wanted to vent out and I can't really do it properly in the said place because I don't want any wank, whatsoever.
✖ jun; NYC. {do not take.}

Break time.

It's the sembreak and we all know what that means. I haven't been active here lately because writing has taken a backseat in my life, which is really sad. At the beginning of the sembreak, I told myself that I would at least one story and finish it. Unfortunately, I haven't even started on it. I also planned on exercising this sembreak because I've gained some serious weight and it does not look pretty. I do not need the extra weight. I wait for the day when that begins as well. :P

I've been doing so many things for school the past few months that whenever I am given the chance to take a break and do nothing, I panic and feel like, I'm supposed to be doing something. It's an awful feeling but I've gotten past it since, there's really nothing to do for this sembreak. Although, the Christmas break will be an entirely different story, I bet.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm planning on doing my wish list already. Hahaha. :P
✖ arashi; aozora days. {do not take.}

I can't even begin to comprehend you.


The much awaited album from Arashi will be released in August and I've decided to order it. However, I'm starting to have doubts as of now and I've been thinking of canceling it. It's prolly because I have so many other things that I want to buy... SIGH. One thing I've learned, if you're having doubts, it's better to not go through with it.


I am still unsure. I hope I get some sign from the Lord soon. Decisions, decisiooooons... :(
✖ jun; NYC. {do not take.}

another one of those lazy days.

Last entry was like... months ago. How sad is that. To be honest, I've been hooked on Tumblr lately because it's much easier to blog. However, I missed LJ because I write more than post pictures and my Photoshop mood hasn't come back yet. LOL.

I do feel the need to update my LJ, though. Change the entire journal with something more Arashi-centered. I just haven't found the scan I want to use. :(

New semester will start soon. I like to think that I still have one more year left because I want to get into the Master's Program in our school. I have 7 subjects, 19 units and everyday is FULL. Looking forward to it, though... :D

I've been feeling the need to download some Arashi videos to watch but I can't figure out what to watch... How odd. Plus, I've been seeing a bunch of people with the Saigo no Yakusoku DVD and it makes me want to buy one too... WHY. :/

I wish this summer was longer... I need to get working on re-vamping my LJ with some stormy boys. <3
✖ jun; NYC. {do not take.}

I want your love, I don't want to be friends.

So, school ended last week for me but I have a TON of schoolwork to do anyway before the second half of the semester starts. Exams will be on the first week of our return. :/

Other than that, I've developed a some sort of thing for Miura Haruma. Hahaha. I just saw the poster for Bloody Monday 2 on ourhour and thought to myself that the guy was cute and got a huge surprise when I found out it was him, cause I've seen him on Crows Zero II and he was super fine there. Didn't pay too much attention to him there, though. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm hooked on him right now and I'm seriously hoping and praying for that 500GB External HD just so I can download anything and everything related to him (plus, Arashi, of course!). :D

I've been to a few parties for this season, most of them were quite fun. I haven't gotten the time to get together with my really close friends, though. :( I seriously want to see them all before the year ends.

We'll be going Christmas shopping tomorrow for our Christmas dinner. I'll be cooking this year, so, I'm pretty excited! I've got a few recipes in mind already that I want to try out. Of course, we'll be celebrating Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family and then heading off to my dad's side for Christmas day. Crazy schedule, right? But it's practically tradition here. Haha. And then, right after that, my parents have been planning for us to be out of town from the 26th to the 2nd! :D I'll be doing homework while everyone's enjoying themselves, though. :(

I think I blabbed too much again. HAHAHA.

Anyway, I hope everyone's having a blast on the Christmas break! :)

P.S. I'm also hoping for a Miura Haruma mood theme and then, I'll change my entire layout to him. LOL.